PMW Property


Tunstall King Smith


X-Cel Construct Limited


2,084 Controlled Modulus Columns

Project Details

X-Cel Construct Limited approached Menard to find a cost-effective foundation solution as an alternative to the base pile solution initially proposed. At present one new industrial unit measuring 10,017m² is being constructed with excellent access to the A50 (Uttoxeter Bypass), with the plan to construct a further smaller unit at a later date.

Ground Conditions

The proposed construction footprint runs over made ground underlain with very soft peaty clays onto medium dense/dense sands and gravels then onto very stiff clays. At the request of Menard, additional CPT have been carried out across the whole site to map more precisely the ground conditions and inform the detailed CMC design.


Menard offered a bespoke solution of Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) rigid inclusions allowing the construction of conventional shallow foundations. This ground improvement solution brought significant benefits to the overall project compared to the previously proposed piling scheme, by reducing the embodied carbon footprint, accelerating and simplifying the construction sequence, and reducing costs. The CMCs have been designed to reduce the residual settlements to 25mm, with relative differential settlements lower than 1/500, and enhance the allowable bearing capacity to 200kPa beneath the footings and a uniformly distributed load of 60kPa beneath the floor slab.

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