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13,282m² Dynamic Compaction

Fife EFW Facility Dynamic Compaction

Project Details

The project consisted in the construction of a new Energy From Waste facility in Fife, Scotland. Menard has been approached by repeat client HZI to design and implement an alternative ground improvement solution to ensure bearing capacity and settlements reduction under the structure rafts loaded up to 150kPa.

Ground Conditions

The site footprint laid across a former quarry backfilled with uncontrolled, mainly granular, made ground between 1.65 and 12.5m thick. Below the made ground natural Glacial Till over bedrock is encountered.


The base solution (rigid inclusions) was deemed unsuitable due to the high cobble content of the made ground. Menard proposed to design and implement Dynamic Compaction to homogenise the made ground characteristics and ensure bearing capacity and settlements reduction under the imposed loads on the different structures rafts (120 to 150kPa). Performance of the DC works have been proven by post-DC CPTs along with measure of volume reduction of the made ground. The over 13,000m² of rafts have been treated by DC in approximately 9 weeks using 1 single crane.

Sustainable Development

The DC solution reduced by over 95% the embodied carbon footprint of the foundation base solution (rigid inclusions).

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