Winners – Ground Engineering Awards 2024!

Menard UK is pleased to announce that we have won the award for “UK Project with a Geotechnical Value of between £1M and £3M” at this year’s GE awards.

The award was given for our recent ground improvement works at Horwich – Rivington Chase Link Road where Menard designed and installed a multi-technique solution including Dynamic Replacement, Pre-Fabricated Vertical Drains and Controlled Modulus Columns to support a new road construction. The challenging site runs over variable depths of made ground underlain by substantial thicknesses of peat. Compared to more traditional methods such as dig out and replace or a piled embankment, the ground improvement solution provided a financially viable option which also came with substantial programme and carbon savings.

The works were carried out in collaboration with D Morgan Plc who is acting as principal contractor for the works whilst also undertaking the major construction elements including earthworks, drainage and road construction. Early collaboration with D Morgan Plc and the geotechnical engineer for the scheme e3p meant an innovative solution could be put in place from an early stage.

The judges said “A range of techniques and an innovative ground improvement solution resulted in improved sustainability credentials for the scheme. The restrictive working environment required clear planning of works and management of H&S. There was also proactive community engagement with the council and local university.”

Congratulations to the team and thank you to all those involved with the project for your support and collaboration.