Controlled Modulus Columns

New Horizon Development – Nottingham


OWNER: Henry Boot Development ENGINEER:  BWB GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  Bowmer & Kirkland Limited MAIN FIGURES:  1,293 Dynamic Replacement Pillars 38,620 m2 Dynamic Compaction 8,589 Controlled Modulus Columns Project Details The project consisted of the construction of 5 new commercial units and associated service yards and access roads on the [...]

Red Lion Road, Tolworth


OWNER: Chancerygate and Bridges Fund Management ENGINEER:  I & L Consulting Limited GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  Harmonix Construction MAIN FIGURES:  739 Controlled Modulus Columns 384 Vibro Stone Columns Project Details It was proposed to construct a large industrial development (Units 1-9) at a site off Red Lion Road in Tolworth, [...]

The Steel Works, 105 Culvert Road


OWNER: Avanton Limited ENGINEER:  BW Murray GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  GS8 Construction MAIN FIGURES:  442 Controlled Modulus Columns Project Details BW Murray approached Menard UK to find a cost-effective alternative foundation solution for the redevelopment of the industrial complex Culvert Court in Battersea, London, with the construction of 3 separate [...]

Momentum London, Rainham


OWNER: Henry Boot Development (HBD) ENGINEER:  BWB Consulting GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  Readie Construction MAIN FIGURES:  7,598 Controlled Modulus Columns Project Details Readie Construction Limited approached Menard UK to carry out ground improvement in the form of CMC's under 3 new commercial units and adjoining ancillary structures. The project, which [...]

CTRL 310 London


Project Details Part of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) is built on Controlled Modulus Columns. Menard suggested this technique to improve the soil along the Thames River in the suburbs of London so that the Eurostar could operate as intended. For this project, Menard used a short mast for the installation of the column [...]

Dockley Road Residential Development, London


OWNER: Matching Green ENGINEER:  Terrell GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  Legendre MAIN FIGURES:  920 Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) installed, totalling 3,500 sq/metres Project Details In order to find a cost-effective foundation solution for a new residential development in South East London as an alternative to the base solution of CFA piles [...]

Project Gazelle, Ocado, Bicester


OWNER: Ocado ENGINEER:  EirEng GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  Glencar Construction MAIN FIGURES:  606 Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) installed Project Details Glencar Construction approached Menard to find a cost-effective foundation solution for the addition of a mezzanine level required by Ocado inside an existing recently-built warehouse at Symmetry Park in Bicester. [...]

New Entrance Facility at London Stadium (ex Olympic Stadium)


OWNER: E20 Stadium LLP ENGINEER:  JDL Consultants GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  Modulek MAIN FIGURES:  44 Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) installed Project Details Modulek approached Vibro Menard to find an alternative efficient foundation solution for the development of a new entrance facility at the London Stadium (ex Olympic Stadium). This new [...]

157 Homes on Lily Street Farm Development, Alfreton


OWNER: Peveril Homes ENGINEER:  Heathcote & Associates GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  Bridge Bank Ltd MAIN FIGURES:  2,004 Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) installed 4,821 Vibro Stone Columns (VSC) installed Project Details The project consisted in a new residential development comprising 157 plots of single to double storey houses in Alfreton, Derbyshire. [...]

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