Be Curious, Be Entrepreneurial, Be Simple

Be Curious

Being curious is the first key trait any of the Menard employees shall have, because it all came from this willingness to understand the phenomenon and reinvent the way to do things rather than follow what others dictate. This is why we will never stop asking “why” and we want all our team’s members  to share that same attitude: ask questions to understand deep inside what the problem is and truly solve it rather than applying a recipe.

Be Entrepreneurial

Never refuse a challenge but refuse the Status Quo: this is what made Menard at the very beginning, and this is what we want all our employees to strive for. Develop, go forward, not be afraid of possible mistakes but always learn from them and ultimately develop from the idea, the technique, to a real concrete business; grow the team and coach the new ones.
True Entrepreneurs don’t do like others, they do their way.

Be Simple

At Menard, we love simple things and straightforward behavior. This is true in all parts of our business and above all in terms of organization and attitude at work. For that, a key organization principle: You know => You do (and don’t ask) / You don’t know => You ask, you make sure you understand and then you do.

We strive to make things as simple as they can be so that all flows smoothly… but of course not simpler.

We will never compromise on quality, even though the solutions are simple.