Our conviction is that safety is more than procedures, but relies on behaviour, positive and committed attitude. Safety is a mindset consisting in planning rather than rushing, stopping works when uneasy and analysing before proceeding. It is about caring for others and for ourselves, simply to come back home safe for our families and loved ones. Every day.

Health and Safety: a fundamental value

Health and Safety is a choice, at Menard we have chosen Health and Safety as a fundamental value that will help us create the positive culture we strive for across all our business units globally.

What is the Home Safe commitment?

We are committed at all levels to ensure our people remain safe and without harm, ensuring they all go home safely to their loved ones.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to have an incident and injury free workplace where our people are happy and safe.

How do we achieve that?

  • By constantly learning from our experiences
  • By remaining transparent and open minded
  • By involving our teams, listening to their ideas or/and any concerns they may have
  • By constantly engaging with the workforce.
  • By being clear and precise in our communication
  • By the introduction of STOP (Stop, Think, Organize, Proceed), a work authority for all our people regardless of their position
  • By ensuring the appropriate actions are taken and thought through when a STOP is called.