Less is more Menard

At Menard, we have always strived to do more with less. This statement might seem odd for some, but it is a strong belief and a reality for us.

It comes from our founder, Louis Ménard, who invented the pressuremeter, an innovative tool to get access to soil behavior data with a simplified process requiring much less lab tests than the common practice. This device revolutionized geotechnical work.

Once Menard became a company, this “less is more” spirit continued with the introduction of new techniques such as dynamic compaction, Menard Vacuum, Controlled Modulus Columns all with the same key principle of using less material to achieve the result.

It is today vibrant within the whole Menard community, from sales to operation through design and support services, all striving for the same core value of using the least to do more.

This is why we can proudly say “Less is Menard” as finding the optimal solution and using less resources is a true core value on which our company was built.

And this is how we aim to continue our development, by being smart and effective, by simplifying the way we do things, by refusing to waste efforts and by bringing new ideas.

Ultimately, this is the meaning of our Motto “Less is More Menard”: using less resources to do a task and gaining with that potential for development and growth, through more innovation.