Menard UK Ltd is a specialist geotechnical contractors carrying out foundation, and specialist geotechnical work for the construction industry. Sustainability and caring for the planet are core to our mission and our company values. We recognise our responsibility to conduct our day-to-day activities and operations in a way that acts for the climate, optimizes resources, and preserves the natural environment.

Menard UK Ltd is committed to:

  • Addressing our impact on the climate crisis. We have identified our climate change related risks and set ambitious science-based targets to cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. Our action plan shall ensure we continually reduce our impact on climate change through a process of mitigation and adaptation.
  • Continually improving our environmental performance through the setting, regular monitoring and review of environmental objectives and targets.
  • The maintenance and improvement of our established environmental management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2015.
  • Fulfilling compliance with all applicable environmental obligations (legal and other requirements).
  • Taking appropriate action to prevent and avert environmental damage. We shall take a precautionary approach to avoid the possibility of environmental harm following the hierarchy of control to:
    • Eliminate – Eliminate the activity that presents the risk (rectified at source)
    • Substitute – Substitute the activity for one that poses less risk to the environment. (rectified at source)
    • Engineering Controls – Isolate the impact from the activity.
    • Administrative – Administrative controls, procedures, and guidance.
    • Reduce Impact – Lowest level of control such as spill treatments.
  • We recognise the principle of Polluter Pays, as such the polluter pays principle is integrated in to our just and fair culture consequences policies.
  • The enhancement of biodiversity and ecosystem services where appropriate.
  • Full co-operation and maintenance of open relationships with relevant interested parties.

As contractors we:

  • Wherever possible and appropriate, we will be proactive in proposing more carbon friendly alternatives, discuss with our clients and supply the benefits of solutions that reduces our footprint, use construction methods, equipment, and techniques that reduce the impact on the environment compared to traditional methods whilst fulfilling our legal and contractual obligations.
  • Aim to minimise the waste of materials, promote recycling, reusing, resources and energy and dispose responsibly of any waste products arising from our activities.
  • Understand the impact of our scope 3 emissions and therefore procure materials from sustainable sources where possible.
  • Seek to influence suppliers, other contractors, and clients by engaging positively in environmental matters.

As designers we:

  • Consider the environmental benefits of design aiming at reducing the use of materials or use more environmentally friendly materials as well as keep resources and energy held in mind.
  • Where appropriate seek to influence clients, partners, suppliers, and other designers in areas where solutions could be adopted that are more environmentally considerate.

As employers we:

  • Consistently seek to increase the awareness of employees and sub-contractors that each of us individually and as a team have a role to play in our aim to conserve and, where possible, enhance the environment and praise the green initiatives.

As part of a group of companies we seek to support each other in terms of resources from group, exchange information with others and be active participants in Group lead initiatives such as the Vinci Environment Awards, Environment Day etc.

This policy, which is reviewed annually, is communicated to all employees and persons working on our behalf, is displayed at all our offices and sites, and is made publicly available to interested parties via our websites.